Perfect opportunity for feedback...lost!

Perfect opportunity for feedback...lost!

Last night, my family and I went to a "practice" dinner at a new, well known steakhouse in'd all recognize it. My daughter works there, so last night was free to family and friends of employees of the steakhouse. Obviously, not a new concept, it makes a lot of sense. What didn't make sense to me, was that no one asked us how the experience went. Love the idea of having a dress rehearsal before you expose yourself to the masses, but why not take the opportunity to get real feedback and know how everyone did.

There was no feedback vehicle offered to the hundreds of people who had a FREE meal. If offered, I am sure 90% of the customers in attendance would have loved to give feedback. My meal would have cost me $72...I would have vacuumed the carpet if they asked me to do it. I would have gladly given them a "grade" on our overall experience.

The restaurant could have learned what they needed to fix before the big opening...But nothing. No comment card, no 800# on a receipt, no invitation for feedback card ...nothing. They have no idea how good or bad the experience was for the hundreds of people who attended. idea. Huge opportunity lost. Customers are your company's greatest asset...what are they saying about your business? Don't miss the opportunity to find out.

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