Best of Seeds

Best of Seeds 7/17/06 to 7/21/06

7/17/06 to 7/21/06

Though my intent is not to create themes, somehow fun and water seem to flow through the best picks for the week. Given that we are headed for 115 degrees today in Mesa, fun and water are probably appropriate. So here is hoping you have plenty of fun and water to keep your business growing.

From Seeds

The Miracle of the Reservoir --Make sure you are building a "customer reservoir" from which you can draw life-giving water that will keep the green growing well into the future.

From Other Business Blogs

Number 3-- Alignment Is A Strong Precursor to Growth from Be Excellent

Though you might not get it from the title, here is more solid evidence that finding the right employees and treating them right has a direct and significant impact on your bottomline. Here is a hint: it has nothing to do with skills listed on a person's resume. This works! Your productivity will shoot through the roof.

Number 2--Usability through fun from Creating Passionate Users

Things that are fun are contagious. People like to have fun. Here is a great discussion about the difference between fun and funny and why fun is important in a customer experience. To stay with the water theme, check out the example of the Bryan, Texas water report--Flushdance!

Number 1--Playing For Water from Springwise

I couldn't pass this one up as an example of being incredibly innovative for a good cause. Children's merry-go-rounds in rural Africa that pump life-giving water into a tank for their village! It is brilliant. Is their any part of your customer experience that feels more like work than fun?

Come to The Carnival!
Finally, don't forget that we will be hosting at the Carnival of Business on Monday the 24th. This is a traveling blog carnival where various business blogs submit their posts and we pick those that are best. No carnival is complete without some games so we're giving away 12 months of PromoterZ free. If you haven't entered yet, you can do it here. See you at the carnival!

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Best of Seeds 7/10/06 to 7/14/06

Week of 7/10/06 to 7/14/06

Here they are, picked fresh and ready to motivate, the top three ideas of the week to grow your business from the blogging world. Click on the title to read the full post.

Number 3-- Measurable Progress Towards Excellence from Be Excellent

Ok, I admit this one is a little "touchy/feeling," but it did get me thinking about what I am excellent at and on the flip side what I ought not to waste my time doing. If our businesses are a reflection of us and we want remarkable businesses, it follows we need to figure out how to be remarkable.

Number 2--Zidane: a new way to solve problems from Business Innovation Insider

A compelling example of how a little contagious thing can lead to amazing attention. This video is closing in on 1,000,000 views in just a matter of a few days. What can you create or do that your customers will be dying to tell their friends about?

Number 1--How Your Product Can Inspire The Nod from Creating Passionate Users

A great post about what it takes to make your product contagious. "It's NOT about having a remarkable product--it's about helping our users be remarkable."

Happy Cultivating!


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