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Best of Seeds 8/28/06 to 9/01/06

8/28/06 to 9/01/06

We've just launched a new look and a new website for Promoterz. Check it out here. Don't miss the video (ignore the lack of "voice over" talent) and let us know what you think.

From Seeds--Have You Tried Turning it Upside Down?

Looking for ways to encourage innovative thinking? Have you thought of hanging your employees upside down? Here are a few exercises to help encourage innovative thinking.

From Other Business Blogs

Number 3-- Assumptions have a sell by date. from Creating Passionate Users.
"The really big problem is the assumptions which are so ingrained that we don't even know they're assumptions. They become an accepted Law of Physics, as good as gravity."

Number 2--Spreading the Word from Church of the Customer.
Interesting article in the LA Times, via Church of the Customer, about the power of word of mouth on the success of films. "Strong word of mouth perpetuates itself."

Number 1--Real Meaning of Innovation from Business Innovation Insider.
Many innovations come from seeing things from a slightly different perspective. How about seeing innovation from a slightly different perspective?

That's it for this week! Don't forget to let us know what you think of the new Promoterz site--


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Best of Seeds 8/14/06 to 8/18/06

8/14/06 to 8/18/06

Another week, more great business ideas. Enjoy!

From Seeds--Customer Service Lessons from Station 2

Turns out firefighters know a lot about customer service. It could be a matter of life or death--for your company.

From Other Business Blogs

Number 3--Two Things You Can Say from Seth Godin.

As hard as you and your employees try, mistakes will be made and customers will be upset--it may even be the customer's fault. Simple words will make all the difference. Do your employees know how to get on the customer's side--quick?

Number 2-- Talk is Cheap, Buzz is Vital, Viral is Worth it and WOM is where it's at. from Small Business Branding.

Great list of resources and tips for generating word of mouth. “With WOM, consumers become an extension of the marketing department by helping spread the word and create buzz."

Number 1--Give Users a Hollywood Ending from Creating Passionate Users.

Great movies have great endings. The ending is what you walk away with. What do your customers walk away with? Focus on the ending.

That's it for this week! Don't miss next week--exciting stuff coming! (how's that for an ending?)


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Best of Seeds 8/7/06 to 8/11/06

8/7/06 to 8/11/06

Handpicked and emailed fresh from the heat of the desert, here are the best business ideas of the week from the blog world.

From Seeds--Is Your Marketing Self-Perpetuating?

Perpetual Motion: the motion of a hypothetical machine that, once activated, would run forever unless subject to an external force or to wear. Is self-perpetuating marketing possible?

From Other Business Blogs

Number 3--Advertising vs Publicity which medium is more effective for a startup from Small Business Branding.

Brad Williamson doesn't think advertising is part of the formula, "DO NOT ADVERTISE!!! You might as well dig a six-foot hole for your venture, because it will die a violent death if you go about generating buzz via advertising."

Number 2-- Are Your Users Stuck in P Mode? from Creating Passionate Users.

Passionate customers become promoters (think self perpetuating marketing). According to Kathy Sierra, "If we want passionate users, we have to help them do something cool... fast."

Number 1--This is Broken-The Video from Seth Godin

Do your customers think anything about your business is broken? Seth Godin may change your perspective. The real question is: How long since you asked them?

Have a perpetually great week!


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Best of Seeds 7/30/06 to 8/4/06

7/31/06 to 8/4/06

As promised, handpicked and emailed fresh, here are the best business ideas of the week from the blog world.

From Seeds--Building trust - insights from my mechanic

Being remarkable often comes from doing little things right over time. In this case those little things led to trust and loyalty.

From Other Business Blogs

Number 3-- We can't leave innovation up to our users from Creating Passionate Users

"The world never needed Beethoven's Fifth Symphony until he created it. Now we could not live without it. Louis I. Kahn" Kathy Sierra points out how sometimes innovations create a need that wasn't there before like, ipods and digital cameras. What innovations are you delivering that the world can't live without?

Number 2--Searching for the Best Lemonade Stand from The Entrepreneurial Mind

Did you ever have a lemonade stand in the summer? is running a contest to find the best lemonade stand. Kids are submitting "business plans" and pictures of their stands. A review of these can inspire your efforts to see how you might improve traffic to your business.

Number 1--Mentos and Diet Coke from Church of the Customer

If you haven't seen what happens when you drop a few Mentos mints into 2 liters of Diet Coke you are in for a treat. It seems a couple of guys made several movies of their explorations into this phenomenon and it became "viral" - shared by everyone all over the web. What is interesting are the comments of the two companies whose products are featured. After reading the comments what are your thoughts about the companies? You can't always control what happens to your business, but you can always control your response.

That's it for this week, if you need to cool off in this heat find a lemonade stand.

Have a great weekend!

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Best of Seeds 7/24/06 to 7/28/06

7/24/06 to 7/28/06

As promised, handpicked and emailed fresh, here are the best business ideas of the week from the blog world.

From Seeds--The Power of the Talking Bubble

Remember from the cartoons the "talking bubble" that shows what people are saying? It's time to get in your customers' talking bubble...

From Other Business Blogs

Number 3-- You Are Your Google Results from Church of the Customer

Another example of the power of customers and their bubble. Thanks to technology, a customer's talking bubble can now be seen and heard the world over. This guy had a bad experience with a local plumber in Florida. Now, wherever you are, you know about it. Who are your customers talking to? What are they saying?

Number 2--Ruthless focus on the customer [Business Week] from Putting People First

Great synopsis of a Business Week article by Jeneanne Rae about the importance of creating remarkable customer experiences and some thoughts on how to do it. "Customer experience will decide the winners and losers in almost every industry imaginable."

Number 1--Marketers and Money from Seth Godin

Think the reason your customers aren't having remarkable experiences is a lack of money? Think again, Seth makes the point that the best innovations typically come out of under-funded ventures. "Having less money keeps you from trying to buy your way out of trouble."

Side note: Not able to rest until every business person is more innovative, I have set up a new business to take those extra innovation-killing dollars off your hands. Simply make a check out to Dave Free and mail it to....

Have a great weekend!

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