IKEA: it's all about the arrows

IKEA: it's all about the arrows

We had some visitors in from out of state last week. One of the things they had on their list to do while in sunny Arizona was to visit IKEA. That in and of itself is remarkable. How many home furnishing stores do people have on their list of vacation must do's?

So we made the twenty minute trip to IKEA. We first became aware of IKEA while living in Singapore as expats for a few years. Believe me, IKEA was remarkable in Singapore. Big wide walk ways, furniture that wasn't exclusively black lacquer, and the prices were reasonable. It's still remarkable even here in Arizona where there are many other places that also have wide walk ways, furniture that is not black lacquer and reasonable prices. Why? Here's my reason: the big arrows on the floor.

IKEA has thought through the complete user experience and leaves nothing to chance. The instruction signs start in the parking lot. The first sign I saw this time was a sign telling me they take everything back, no questions asked. That is a great sign to be greeted with as you head for the front door! Each step of the way there are signs and arrows giving helpful instructions. It's a huge place with a ton of options, it could be very overwhelming, but the arrows give calm assurance you are headed the right way. It's all about the arrows that lead through thousands of products and then straight to the cash registers.

So, does your customer experience need some arrows?

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