Do you know what your customers are saying about better!

Do you know what your customers are saying about better!

Here is a powerful example of why customer feedback is so important to your business. Events like this happen everyday...are you making it easy for your customers to tell you what they think. Think of how "deadly" this word of mouth story could have been:

"A customer, Janet, recently gave us a feedback score of 0 and wrote a long story about the terrible haircut she received. She basically said she would never come back to Fantastic Sams. I sent her an apology e-mail and asked her to call me so I could apologize live, versus just e-mail. After a short phone call, she agreed to come back to the hair salon and let someone fix her haircut. I called the salon and arranged for her to call on her way in and ensure she had absolutely no wait when she arrived. I called her after her haircut and she was thrilled. She was amazed that I took the time to follow up with her again on the phone. . Janet also sent out 3 referrals through Promoterz. She also scheduled to come back to the salon to have her hair colored! I never would have known this woman was so upset without Promoterz. Think of all the people she would have told her story to. Now she is telling a new great we are! Promoterz just saved my business thousands of dollars in potential lost revenue...thank you Promoterz!"

Scott Weintraub
Fantastic Sams
New Jersey

Is this happening in your business?....are you sure? You have thousands of reasons to find out.

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