Customer Feedback: The gift that just keeps on giving

Customer Feedback: The gift that just keeps on giving

Customer feedback is like a fruit tree. It just keeps giving.

If you care about operations, customer feedback gives you the "secret shopper" point of view.

If you care about employee performance customer feedback gives an unbiased review of how the employee is "viewed" by your customers.

Want to improve the atmosphere at work? Sending around the accolades that come in through customer feedback gives you improved morale.

If you would like customer referrals, customer feedback gives the perfect time to ask.

We have seen these over and over again as we help other businesses use Promoterz.

Want effective marketing content for your web site? Customer feedback gives you authentic convincing copy.

What makes those testimonials even more effective is if there are many of them and they are current.

Urgent Care Extra uses Promoterz to get feedback from their patients at their 12 (and ever increasing number of) locations. They use it to review their providers performance, to handle any customer complaints and to generate customer referrals. They also continually post current customer feedback to their web site for others to see.

For example, just this morning was posted:

"This is the best urgent care I've ever been to. It's so comfortable and everyone is amazing. You know your going to be taken care of. They go above and beyond. My kids love it here too. They're not afraid of the doctor anymore. Thank you for everything you do. I've also been to the Tempe location and their amazing too. Great bedside manor. This is the only urgent care I come to and it's the only one ill ever use."

This is powerful word of mouth, but what makes it even more powerful is that it just happened. Anytime you view their page, you will see the most up to date testimonials.

So add, powerful-up-to-date-marketing-content-to-your-website as another gift from the customer feedback tree of goodness.

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