Best of Seeds 9/24/06 to 9/30/06

September 24th to the 30th, 2006

Here's a positive thought to get your week started: your business will likely make $9 billion more than Ford this year! Welcome to the big times!

Here are a few more ideas to keep you growing.

From Seeds of Growth--The Original "Long Tail" Entrepreneur
A few lessons from the man that invented the cotton gin, the milling machine and made interchangeable parts and mass production possible.

From Other Business Blogs
Number 3-- Feature Creep Extreme. from Business Innovation Insider.
Don't always assume more is better. Need an example of what can happen when you are NOT listening to your customers? The picture is worth a thousand words, though the user comments are very entertaining as well.

Number 2--Social Shopping Update from Springwise.
Description of a couple of sites that encourage consumers to come and rant and rave about products--all products, including yours. Point is, your customers are talking and their megaphones are getting bigger and bigger. Wouldn't you like to be in the loop?

Number 1--User Generated Content Uncovered: Power to the People. from Putting People First.
Discusses the change from traditional marketing to getting involved in dialogues with consumers--“It’s not about your message any more. Now, it’s all about whose consumers are telling the best stories about them.”

Best of luck!
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Seeds from the blogworld
We search the business blog world looking for posts that illustrate principles, or "Seeds", that if followed, or "planted", will help small businesses grow. We list them here for your convenience. Enjoy.