Best of Seeds 10/15/06 to 10/21/06

October 15th to the 21st, 2006

This week we seem to be focused on getting it right for the customer:

From Seeds of Growth--Customers Need Time to Learn
Sometimes getting it right for the customer includes giving them time to learn.

From Other Business Blogs
Number 3-- Ziba Design on the importance of informed intuition. from Putting People First.
What is required to "get it right" for your customer? Is it research? Is it intuition? Is it just plain happy luck? Steve McCallion of Ziba design talks about informed intuition. “Informed intuition is a systematic way of filling up your decision-making process with a deep understanding of whom you’re designing for, so you make smart decisions as opposed to guesses."

Number 2--Why Do People Look Like Their Dogs? from Seth Godin.
This one is worth the click just to look at the pictures, but there is also some good insight here. Customers buy what they buy because it validates their perception of themselves. What perception of themselves do customers validate when they buy your product or service? Do they feel more fashionable? Do they feel more secure? Do they feel confused?

Number 1--Reducing Fear is the Killer App. from Creating Passionate Users.
Kathy Sierra describes the role fear plays in getting it right for the customer. Are there any "fears" you can help your customers reduce or alleviate? "Whether it's a policy change, better documentation and support, or more user-friendly design, anything you do to genuinely reduce my fear improves my life. Why not ask customers about their needs before you agree to sell them something?"

Good luck Getting it Right!
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